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Let's Do Launch #50
I often reevaluate what exactly it is I'm doing with my blog.

I have to do this because, ultimately, the goal of my blog is to bring in more readers and viewers, which translates into more business.

But with each letter I type on my keyboard, I have the potential to upset, offend or alienate my audience. We all have varying ideas and opinions but, unfortunately, we are living in a toxic society where genuine discourse and meaningful discussion is almost nonexistent.

On the flip side, people expect more transparency from the businesses they choose to work with. The meteoric rise of the "personal brand" speaks to that idea.

So, how do you find the proper balance?

The truth is, I'm still figuring that out. I enjoy writing about a wide variety of topics, but I also want to choose my words carefully.

With that in mind, enjoy what I wrote this week! ;)
What I wrote
When Self Love Becomes Selfish
How far is too far?

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What I'm reading
The credit card superpowers you probably forgot about
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What Money Can't Buy
The man standing across the nursing station was dressed flimsily in a gown that barely covered the bottom of his boxer briefs...

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Video of the Week
11 Surprising Ways You're Wasting Your Time (and How to Stop!)
How are you spending your most valuable resource?

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