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Let's Do Launch #50
Well dang, it's been a while!

I haven't had any time to write anything new over the past 6 weeks. Between working with clients, making YouTube videos, and traveling to South America, it's been difficult to sit down and put my thoughts to words.

But, with the extended break, I've managed to come up with a bunch of inspiration for some new posts. So, as per usual, stay tuned!

And don't forget to check out my Video of the Week below!
What my team wrote
How E-Commerce Businesses Can Benefit From Website Builders
Plenty of business owners know how to make a great product, but fewer know how to make a great website. From writing code and installing plug-ins to managing servers, domains, and security measures, running an e-commerce business can quickly start to feel like a daunting crash course in web development.

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What I'm reading
23,400 Reasons To Avoid Extended Warranties
Are Extended Warranties worth the price? The lifetime costs associated with them would say no. Save yourself over $20,000 by avoiding them.

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Here's to Doing What Matters - A Manifesto From Coach Carson

Helping you win with money is great. But my deeper motivation is to help you do more of what matters. Here's what I mean.

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It's Time to Quit
What are you planning for 2018? Any potential resolutions floating around in your head? Any new goals you want to tackle? Between Thanksgiving and New Years, I plan out my next year. I look at my mentoring questions, my 2017 goals, review all the things Iโ€™ve learned and ways Iโ€™ve grown. Then I look out โ€ฆ

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Video of the Week
How to Easily Get More Online Reviews From Your Customers
A crucial aspect of a great SEO strategy is getting POSITIVE Google reviews from customers. It gives your business credibility and adds confidence to your brand. Here's a SUPER simple way to get your customers to give you more reviews on Google.

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