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Let's Do Launch #45
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What I wrote
Are You a Pawn in Starbucks' Brilliantly Simple Marketing Scheme?

I bet you enjoy a good Starbucks name fail just as much as your friend who sent it to you. And that, my dear reader, is the whole point.

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11 Deceptive Ways You're Wasting Your Most Valuable Resource

We're throwing our most valuable resource in the trash every single day. How many of these are you falling prey to?

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What I'm reading
How to Improve Your Writing (Without Improving Your Writing)
These writing tips for blogging are super easy to do and make your writing more colorful. You don't even have to be a great writer to use these tips and tricks!

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How To Get Bloggers To Promote Your Business For 'Free'
As the old saying goes, "nothing in life comes for free". But does that apply to bloggers? We explain how bloggers can promote your business for free.

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How to Attract and Sign Your First BIG Customer
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