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Let's Do Launch #43
I'll tell you one thing, with all of the craziness going on in the world today, people seem to be open to having more conversations about important topics.

The question is, are they listening?

Too many "conversations" seem to be nothing more than two or more people shouting at each other or, even more fruitless, into an empty online void.

Listening is a dying art. If you want to cultivate more meaningful relationships in both your personal and business life, talk less and listen more.

I guarantee that you will be happier and more successful in everything you do.
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This is what happened when I stopped thinking about my start-up on the weekend
A fresh ALCHEMY EXPERIMENT for you: This is what happened when I STOPPED 
working on my side business on the weekends. Hint: It was the best decision 
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Netflix is not your friend
Find out why I cancelled my Netflix account for good, and what I'm doing instead.
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