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Let's Do Launch #43
I took this shot of my home city from a beach-side bonfire with friends. Not a bad picture from a phone, eh?

We watched the moon slowly rise from the horizon to light up Lake Ontario. Just another beautiful summer night in the city.

Oh, by the way, I made a big decision this week.

I ditched my largest client.

Why? Put simply, I was no longer enjoying the work, and it was taking up too much of my time. We were no longer a good fit for each other, and parted ways on good terms.

What does this mean for me? (and, more importantly, you)

Well, I'll now have more time to service my most important customers: You, my fellow small business owners! I plan on producing more regular blog content, YouTube videos, and creating stunning, affordable websites for small businesses everywhere.

2017 is gonna wrap up with a bang. I'm excited! Are you?
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