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Let's Do Launch #41
Summer is here, and I've never been busier. (hence the lack of emails)

I've always promised you that I will only send you an email when I've got something to say. There are far too many pointless newsletters floating around the internet these days, in my humble opinion.

This week I wrote about my experiences being in a band for the first time. (without knowing what I'm doing, mind you)

And I've been reading some pretty interesting stuff, which you'll find below.

Happy Friday!
What I wrote
Why I Joined a Band Without Knowing How to Play a Single Instrument

I just joined a band as a keyboardist. I've never played the keyboard in my life. Find out why I did it, and what I've learned through my experience.

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What I'm reading
Google got it wrong. The open-office trend is DESTROYING the workplace. Workplaces need more walls, not fewer.
At home, my greatest distraction is the refrigerator.

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Why I Stopped Hustling

Taking on the most dangerous word in our community.

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Your short attention span could help fake news spread
Fake news and viral hoaxes spread online because of our short attention spans and the deluge of new information that’s constantly pouring into social media, a new study says.

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Pokemon Go Isn't a Fad, It's a Revolution

You can hate on Pokemon Go all you want (trust me, I love a good hate-athon), but this game is doing something no other game has ever done before.

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