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Let's Do Launch #40
Hey, long time no talk! I've been busy building websites and driving across the 2nd largest country on earth.

Finally, I can say I've conquered every single province in Canada. Now just to get up to those pesky territories...

While I was gone, I interviewed one of my goodest friends, Shannon Sleeman. Why? Because she has mastered the art of Instagram marketing. I'm not kidding.

If you use Instagram, you're going to want to read this.
What I wrote
How This Woman Went From 0 to 5,000 Instagram Followers in 2 Months, TWICE [Interview]
Instagram marketing is hard work. While many of us obsess about racking up the followers, likes, and comments, for others it just seems to come so naturally. How do they do it? My good friend, Shannon Sleeman, is one of those people.
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What I'm reading
7 Free Things That Will Teach You More Than a College Education
College education just ain't what it used to be.

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Want More Time? Get Rid of The Easiest Way to Spend It
For the month of May, this guy time-traveled back to 2007, when social media platforms were still just websites you visited. He removed Facebook, Twitter and Reddit from his phone. Here's what happened.

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The Ways Your Brain Manages Overload, and How to Improve Them

Counterintuitive techniques for when you feel overwhelmed.

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3 Reasons Why I Quit Netflix For Good (and You Should Too)

I love a good story told through television. That made it all the much harder to cancel my Netflix account for good. Here's why I have NO regrets.

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