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Let's Do Launch #39
I finally found the time to finish that article on my recent trip to Spain, and how I managed to do it for (nearly) free. There's no real ground breaking stuff to be found in it, just some old-fashioned creativity.

Unless, of course, you consider getting $1,200 off a stranger on Twitter ground-breaking... πŸ€”

Not a bad tease, eh?? I think I'm getting better at this...
What I wrote
How I Landed a (Nearly) Free Trip to Barcelona, Spain
I recently took a two week trip to Barcelona, Spain. And it was nearly free. Well, to be more accurate, the entire trip cost me a grand total of about $700. Flight, hotels, food and drink, and entertainment all included.

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What I'm reading
How the Like Button Ruined the Internet
How β€œengagement” made the web a less engaging place

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Ask For the Connection, Not the Sale
Want more customers? Stop trying so hard to acquire them.

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Tired Of Being Asked To Work For Free, This Artist Started Drawing These Client Requests
@forexposure_txt is a Twitter account dedicated to compiling quotes from artists who were expected to work for free. Well now an artist has decided to take some of those quotes and use them to inspire various portraits of what she imagines those people look like.

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How One Tweet I Posted Was Seen By Over 150,000 People

Getting noticed on Twitter is hard. Here are the 5 steps I used to make one of my tweets go viral, and have it seen by over 150,000 people.

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