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Let's Do Launch #36
So, I haven't finished my post about Spain yet. That's my bad. (It's been a busy week of designing websites. I'M SORRY.)

But, I did manage to write an entire article on how you can learn sales from Tommy Boy. That's something, right?
What I wrote
11 Awesome Places to Find Affordable Stock Videos
Great stock photos are nice and all, but video is where it's at these days.

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5 Things Tommy Boy Teaches Us About Sales
This is an article I actually wrote a while back, but I can't remember whether I shared it or not. So, here you go!

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What I'm reading
"One of the most important things that I do every single day is spend time on my own creativity, for me and me alone."
"I was curious what books were most commonly recommended on Stack Overflow. So I analyzed a database dump, counted the mentions, then built a website for exploring the data."

Why chatbots are essentially garbage, and can never replace humans.

My Rocket Fuel: Everything I Use to Run a Successful Online Business

The information age has brought us a wealth of tools and resources to build an online business. Here are the best tools I use to manage mine.

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