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Let's Do Launch #35
So, I didn't get around to finishing my Spain post yet, but it's coming! I did manage to finish a new rant of mine. Oh, how I love to rant.

To summarize my tip of the week: Don't be afraid to give your best stuff away. I see so many business owners try to gate their best products and services behind opt-ins and force their customers to jump through hoops to get to it.

If you're still doing this, you need to stop. Giving your stuff away builds trust and authority with your audience, and helps you grow relationships with your customers.
What I wrote
Why Email Marketing As We Know It Needs to Die
Email marketing is the worst. Here's why so many small businesses falsely buy into the hype, and what you should do instead.

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What I'm reading

Building a successful blog takes longer than you might think. With patience, you can amass more readers than all the bloggers who give up too early.

Cockroaches are so much cooler than unicorns.

Google’s search engine is so thoroughly baked into our everyday existence that it feels more like the final stage in a cognitive process than it does an independent piece of software.

Why Bots Will Never Be Better Than Humans
Everyone is talking about the rise of bots, but forgetting that humans are pretty great too. Here's why bots will never be better than humans.
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