It's funny how badly most of us want the spotlight, right up until the point we actually get it.

Having an audience is very appealing, until that audience decides to turn on you. Someone in the crowd decides that whatever you just created is worthless, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

It doesn't matter that two dozen others told you how much they enjoyed it. You only see that one jerk in the crowd who is criticizing you. "But why didn't HE like it?"

This is the fear that keeps many people from creating things, and it's really a shame. I've seen so many of my friends make things that deserve more attention, but that fear settles in before they give it a real shot.

It's a fear that paralyzes us all. I still feel it when I write blog posts that could be very polarizing.

But the best stuff in life is just on the other side of that fear. 

Hmm... I smell a new blog post. ;)

Hope you enjoyed your holiday break!

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