Ever feel like you've met the same person 1,000 times?

It feels like people are more afraid than ever to be themselves these days. They always need to be "on".

Perhaps it's a product of our new, digital environment. It's more than just your standard fear of rejection, it's the idea that if you slip up and do something unusual, weird, or just plain silly, it will be broadcasted online for the world to see.

We can no longer afford to be ourselves because we are concerned about our "weirdness" being digitally distributed to the masses.

Hence the same ol', prepared, safe conversations. "I too enjoy binging Netflix!" "How bout them Blue Jays!" "Isn't Beyonce hilarious? lol"

You can have a strong opinion about something, and still respect someone else's entirely opposing viewpoint.

Perhaps if we all found a way to care just a little less about what people think of us...

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